My Home Assistant Dashboard

I’ve been running Home Assistant for more than two years on my Raspberry Pi but never really got into designing a dashboard, until this week. I’ll document sometime soon how I created this.

Update 7-1-2023

  • Changed the layout of the ‘home view’. Removed the network information and addede a donut chart on todays energy and gas consumtion combined with the energy produced by my solar panels.
  • Added two additional tabs for energy details and network details (still to be developed).

Update 19-12-2022

  • Changed the ‘Humidity’ and ‘Air Pressure’ to show the current state.

  • Removed the average temperature line in the 7d graph as it wasn’t adding any value on top of the high and low lines.

  • Optimised the energy usage lines to show more granularity.

    Inititial post 17-12-2022

Camiel Schoonens @camiel